Greater Flamingos in the creeks of Eker, Bahrain

Greater Flamingos in the creeks of Eker, Bahrain
Creek of Eker and the surrounding mangrove area in Bahrain is a good site to see thousands of Flamingos flocking in winter especially during  low tide. This area can very well be developed as sitting place for migratory birds by taking few simple and basic measures like avoiding to use it as a dumping ground, cleaning of industrial waste released into the area and protection of mangroves.    
In my last visit to the site, in the month of December 2014, I witnessed large flocks of Flamingos feeding, flying, bathing, swimming and moving freely all around. It reminds of the phenomenal sight of thousands of Flamingos I saw in Naivasha lake, Kenya, in October 2013. Flamingos were moving in exactly similar manner at the Eker site too.
Greater Flamingos in Eker Creek, Bahrain
8618 flamongo eker 448B4775
Greater Flamingos taking flight, Eker Creek, Bahrain
8617 IMG_0029
Lesser Flamingos, Naivasha Lake, Kenya
This is the smallest species of flamingo
Lesser Flamingos taking flight, Naivasha Lake, Kenya
07 Flying and Running Lesser Flamingos IMG_0578

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